About Polo - Chicago Beach Polo
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About Polo

Polo is an ancient sport, once played by princes and Rajahs, now the sport of professional horse people worldwide. Polo evokes flashes of colors atop thundering mounts and breathtaking encounters between riders and superbly trained horses.
“Let other people play at other things, the king of games is still the game of kings.” – This verse is inscribed on a stone tablet next to a polo ground in Gilgit, north of Kashmir, near the fabled silk route from China to the west. It is thought that polo was conceived in Persia as an equestrian activity to train cavalry officers and the noblemen; and as such, polo became the first team sport in humanity. In one ancient sentence, it epitomizes the feeling of the players of today.
The modern sport was taken from India by the British in 1869, and from the British Isles to pretty much everywhere in the world. Now its soul resides in Argentina; the flat Pampas’ lands, eternally bathed by sun, soft breezes, the beautiful criollo horse and the overwhelming horsemanship of the Gauchos. Polo enraptured the Argentinians and the Argentinians, loyal to their traditions and culture, courted polo with passion and sweet jealousy for over 100 years as they made it their own. They became the best polo nation, a nation undefeated on the polo field since 1924.
Polo is demanding, highly competitive, and full of risk. Beyond the sport’s obvious glamour, grace and beauty, there is a hidden world of dedication and above all, unbridled passion. Polo is arguably one of the most complex sports in humanity. It has proved a constant challenge to sportsmen the world over. When you imagine an ability to hit an object roughly the size of a baseball, with a piece of wood 2 inches high and 9 inches long, fixed to the end of a thin cane handle over 4 feet long, and make shots that travel up to 150 yards at 135mph from a horse moving perhaps at 40 miles per hour, you can feel the surge of excitement, adrenaline and tension which is generated by this amazing sport.
We are proud to be able to bring the very unique blend of sophistication, expertise, glamour and ancient traditions to the City of Chicago.
Welcome to the only pastime in which a person teams up with a different species in order to compete in absolute harmony, welcome to the ultimate experience in sport and nature, welcome to the “sport of kings…”